Donati Ranch

About Us

Donati Family

Donati Ranch is located in the northern part of Sacramento Valley and is a family-run operation. Founders Tom and Sally Donati grew up in commercial beef cattle production and are both graduates of the agriculture program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Donati Ranch started with a commercial herd and continued to strive to improve the performance and carcass merit of the feeder cattle they were selling by participating in the Young Sire Evaluation Program in cooperation with the American Angus Association.

The purebred herd was begun in the early 1990s as a 4-H project for Sally and Tom's two sons Rocky and Chris. Originally the registered Angus bull calves were used in the Donati Ranch commercial herd. As the purebred herd continued to grow, the ranch began marketing bulls to other commercial producers in private treaty and consignment sales. For over twenty years the bulls have been marketed in the Black Gold Bull Sale.

As all things evolve, this year will bring about the significant change of both name and location. Currently, we are no longer offering bulls in the Black Gold Bull Sale, but, instead the Donati Ranch Bull Sale with the O Connell Ranch as guest consigner. This action more clearly represents our path to the future. Also changing is the location. In 2022, the Donati Ranch Bull Sale will be held in Oroville, CA. Sale date, auctioneer and sale management remain the same, the 2nd Thursday of September, Rick Machado and M3 Mktg.

Donati Ranch remains a family operation with the help of Rocky, his wife Lisa and their three children Nico, Gemma and Leo.

The Donati family takes pride in selecting cattle based on industry factors that drive profitability in the commercial sector. Calving ease, maternal traits and growth are the cornerstone of a profitable commercial cattle operation. Those traits coupled with selection for carcass merit, means that Donati Ranch bulls offer a complete package for commercial ranches.

The Donatis take pride in being a family-run operation that earns its livelihood in production agriculture.